Gabriela Gonzalez is a criminal defense attorney who represents juveniles and adults facing misdemeanors and felonies at the state and federal level

Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges? Have you been contacted by law enforcement to make a statement? Did you or someone you know get arrested? If so, you need to contact a lawyer for advice and representation as soon as possible. Having an experienced criminal attorney by your side can make all the difference in obtaining the best possible outcome in your case.

Whether you are facing a minor misdemeanor offense or have been charged with a serious felony, Gabriela Teresa Gonzalez, Lawyer P.A.  wants to fight for you!

Gabriela Gonzalez, who also goes by Gigi, believes the success of her practice is not based on the number of cases handled.  Her success is thanks to the personalized defense strategies she develops for each client she works with.  Every case is different, and every client faces their case differently.  This is why Gabriela carefully listens to her clients and learns about them, so that she can create defenses that are tailored to each client for the best possible result.  She has earned excellent results for others, and she’s ready to earn excellent results for you. Gabriela Teresa Gonzalez Lawyer, P.A. wants to help you during this difficult time by helping you beat your case!

Gabriela is bar licensed in Florida and the United States District Court Southern District of Florida.  She has experience defending juveniles and adults charged with misdemeanors and felonies at the state and federal level. 

In addition to practicing law, Gabriela Gonzalez frequents television platforms to discuss dynamic criminal law issues and dissect prominent trials happening throughout the country. She can consistently be found appearing on Law and Crime network.

Let’s beat your case! Call me today to find out how